The Sustainable Development Goals: The Missing Dimension
In Geneva this April, The Relational Thinking Network hosted its first Round Table Dialogue , focusing on the “missing dimension” in Social Development Goals. You can download Dr. Michael Schluter’s paper below. A report will follow soon on the conference itself.

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What We Do

The staff of Relational Research are pursuing their goal to promote more relational societies through a three-part strategy:

  • Research: our own staff and partner organisations are continuing to research into how and why relationships are under pressure across different sectors of society and in different countries.  We aim to articulate ways of thinking relationally, propose distinctive hallmarks of a relational organisation in each sector, and recommend how to go about building relational organisations and nations.
  • Vision casting and dissemination of Relational Thinking™ internationally through meeting with key individuals or groups, conferences, summer schools, media, books, website and e-communications.
  • Developing a relational infrastructure by encouraging people and organisations in the countries where we work to set up lightweight structures to facilitate networking and collaboration in each sector (e.g. a Relational Business Forum, a Relational Healthcare Network etc) to share experiences, lessons, and best practice between organisations.  In addition we will facilitate the formation of national organisations to promote Relational Thinking™ across multiple sectors and in public policy, along the lines of the Relationships Foundation UK.


Through all the above, we are developing the vision, tools and support needed for leaders in both public and private sectors to work towards a sustained transformation of their organisations, and thus contributing to a more relational society.