The Sustainable Development Goals: The Missing Dimension
In Geneva this April, The Relational Thinking Network hosted its first Round Table Dialogue , focusing on the “missing dimension” in Social Development Goals. You can download Dr. Michael Schluter’s paper below. A report will follow soon on the conference itself.

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Relational Research's partner organisations include:

Allia (formerly CityLife) (Cambridge, England)
An organisation that supports social enterprises and issues employment bonds to regenerate the local economy.

Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives (Geneva, Switzerland and Cambridge, England)
Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives, RPI, is an expert player in 'Track Two' diplomacy, experience at creating a confidential space for behind the scenes dialogue. Over the last twenty years we have crafted a track record of success, with decisive contributions to peace in Sudan, Rwanda and South Africa

Equity for Africa (Monmouth, UK)
A charity based on Relational Thinking which creates employment in Africa.

Jubilee Centre (Cambridge, England)
A Christian think-tank that articulates a Biblical vision for society.

Keep time for children (Cambridge, England)
An initiative that highlights the effects of weekend working on family life.

Relationships Forum Australia (Sydney, Australia)
RFA promotes the importance of relationships as a fundamental ingredient of individual and community wellbeing.

The Relationships Foundation (Cambridge, England)
A think-and-do-tank which researches, promotes and campaigns for a better connected society. 

Sychar Centre (Nairobi, Kenya)
This centre confronts the downside of Kenya’s social realities with clearly articulate principles.

Team Focus (Maidenhead, England)
A team of business psychologists who deliver relational consultancy.