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Relational Research has launched a new education initiative that will put relationships at the heart of school organisation, curriculum and practice.

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Relational Schools Project

Relational Research is pleased to announce our latest initiative: the Relational Schools Project (RSP).

The three-year project will examine teaching structures, methods and the school curriculum in order to determine the benefits to students, and to wider society, of adopting a relational approach.

The project is being led by Robert Loe, former Assistant Principal at Thurston Community College. 

More information about the Relational Schools Project can be found at

Summary Proposal - Relational Schools Project
The summary proposal for the Relational Schools Project.

The Relational Schools Project (RSP) summary proposal outlines the work that we will be doing over the next three years to put relationships at the heart of the education system. The RSP is being led by Robert Loe. More information about the project can be found at

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